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The registration piece of JERI allows players to register for your tournament, paying online with a credit card. With JERI, you can set up multiple levels of registration, from basic admission to the tournament, to packages that include side events, additional swag, and VIP perks. You can set registration caps on levels if needed, and once those caps are reached, that level shows as sold out. This allows you to maximize your revenue, rather than charging everyone the same amount.

JERI also allows you to raise your prices as the tournament grows closer. Most organizers raise the entry fees up to 10 days before the tournament, to encourage players to register in a timely manner. We don’t call this late registration, but rather “last minute.” Not only does this provide additional revenue for you, but it encourages the players to register before that last week, to give you time to plan with confirmed registration numbers in mind.

We recommend that you upload your current player file before opening registration. When players register, JERI checks to see if they are in your player file; if they are, then the rest of their information is automatically filled in. This saves the player time, and helps guard against errors. If you have multiple player files, you can upload them and JERI will merge them into a single file that you can download.


JERI has an easy check-in process that scales to meet your tournament size. Check-in is efficient, and can be run on any smartphone or tablet. The number of staff needed for check-in is dependent upon your tournament size. Once check-in is complete, just download the TDF file to your TOM computer(s) to start the tournament. TDF files can be downloaded in a number of ways - one large TDF that includes masters, seniors, and juniors, individually by division, or with juniors and seniors combined.

Online Pairings

Online pairings are an efficient way to notify players of round pairings. After round pairing is done in TOM, the TDF file is uploaded via a web page to the online pairings site. This normally takes less than a minute, and then pairings are available online for all players. We include a link to signs you can print out that include a QR code for players to use to navigate directly to your tournament’s online pairings. Paper pairings are still needed for now, as there are some players that do not have access to a smart phone. But we’ve found that the number of players checking the paper versions are a small percentage of the total, which definitely saves time.

Live Roster

Live roster dynamically builds as players check in. Once checked in, a player can view the live roster to verify that they are in the tournament and their information is correct. This helps catch mistakes earlier, which in turn means they can be fixed sooner, instead.

Judge Penalty System

The judge penalty system allows judges to view penalties assessed during the current tournament. Penalties are entered during the tournament throughout the day. Since this system is real time, other judges at the tournament can view both the penalty and the comments immediately after the penalty has been entered. Future enhancements will allow a judge to enter their own penalties as they assess them, and enter any comments they’d like to add.

Stream Casting Tools

Tools for stream casters are also being enhanced, and will allow stream casters to view information about a player’s previous matches (wins/losses) and opponents. Versions of this have been used at various regionals this year, and the stream casters were very happy with the ease at which they were able to access information, which in turn leads to better commentary.

Tournament Metrics

Tournament metrics provide an "at a glance" look at registrations for your upcoming tournaments. The metrics page shows your current registrations by division, by level (if applicable), and by date.

What's Needed?

JERI is dependent upon Stripe to collect payment. Stripe is a well known vehicle for collecting payment online via credit card. You will need to set up a Stripe account, if you don’t already have one.