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How do I create a decklist?

Can I create a decklist with cards besides English?

Can I import a list from PTCGO?

How do I save a decklist?

How do I see my decklists that I've saved?

Why are you using Google Accounts for authentication?

What information does Google share with RK9 Labs?

How do I set up a new Google Account?

I'm having trouble logging into my Google Account, it is redirecting me or giving me other errors?

I have saved a decklist. How do I submit it?

It is showing me INCOMPATIBLE when I try to submit. Why?

I used a different email to register, how do I claim my registration to be able to submit a decklist?

What if I have kids? Can I submit decklists for multiple people?

How do I edit a decklist?

I already submitted my decklist, but I want to change it. Can I submit a new one?

Can I use the decklist creator on my smart phone?

I have more questions, who can I email for support?